MDIS Multiple Employer 401(k) Program

Sponsoring a retirement plan has now been made easy. Join the MDIS Multiple Employer 401(k) Program (MEAP) to help reduce your responsibilities as a plan sponsor and allow more time to concentrate on your business. You can choose to work with one of our Financial Advisor Trusted Partners or bring your own advisor to the plan (with approval from your plan).

Advantages of Adopting MEAP

Economies of Scale

The aggregation of assets and administration often results in lower costs and MDIS dynamic pricing structure can mean further cost reductions as your plan continues to growth.

Reduced Fiduciary Liability

National Benefit Services (NBS) in their role as your 401(k) plan’s designated Administrative 3(16) Fiduciary and Morningstar as your 3(21) and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary, provides you fiduciary protection and outsourcing. When you place your 401(k) plan in the MDIS Multiple Employer Retirement Program, you are transferring virtually all the fiduciary risk and responsibilities from you, the dentist (adopting employer), to MDIS program fiduciaries.

Administrative Support

Virtually all administrative tasks and day-to-day plan operations can be shifted, including, but not limited to: eligibility tracking, contribution remittance, distributions, annual testing, enrollment, etc. This allows a dentist (adopting employer) to spend valuable time focusing on core business priorities.

Plan Design Flexibility

Sophisticated plan options allow a dentist the ability to create a retirement plan that is designed to meet their individual practice’s unique business needs while the entire plan remains simple to administer. A win-win-win.


A wide variety of investment opportunities selected and monitored by Morningstar, the world’s leading mutual funds analytics firm, who also acts in a 3(21) Investment Fiduciary role for core investments and a 3(38) investment fiduciary for the YourPath portfolios.

Lincoln Financial

Lincoln Financial is the record keeper for the MDIS MEAP and is great Trusted Partner for assisting our clients in setting up a 401(k) plan and to assist you with understanding the plan and options you have. To learn more about the MDIS MEAP and how it can be right for your office, set up a call with our Trusted Partner at Lincoln.

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Group Plan Specialist
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