Data Breach

Data Breach

Your practice could be a victim of data breach by way of ransomware, phishing, data leakage, hacking or numerous other threats. Not securing Data Breach coverage may mean you personally will take on the financial responsibility of a breach which could include credit monitoring for patients, IT forensics, or cost of notifying your patients just to name a few. The costs may be staggering for any size practice.

Data Breach coverage is typically broken out into two main areas of concern: first- and third-party coverage.

  • First Party Coverage: Reimburses the business owner for breach notification cost and credit monitoring expenses.
  • Third Party Coverage: This is liability coverage for you, the business owner. Potentially a third party could sue you if a breach were to occur.

Generally speaking, premiums are calculated based on your annual revenue and number of PII (personal identifiable information) incidences.