Corporate Professional Liability (Malpractice)

Malpractice isn’t just for you as an individual; you also should put coverage in place to protect any entity you use with your practice(s). For example, “Tooth Dr LLC” also may be named in a lawsuit for malpractice. There are a couple of ways to protect your entity: shared or separate limits.

Shared Limits

This coverage could be added to your policy if you are the only practicing dentist affiliated with your entity; you would name your entity as an additional named insured to your existing individual malpractice policy and thus share the limits in the event of a lawsuit against both.

Separate Limits

This coverage would exist as a separate policy and would protect you for the vicarious liability of all dentists affiliated with your entity (it would not give any of the affiliated dentists any additional malpractice coverage). The entity would be protected by its own set of limits rather than sharing them with you as an individual.

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