About MDIS

Incorporation papers for Missouri Dental Insurance Services, Inc. were filed with the Missouri Secretary of State on October 9, 1991. The for-profit agency is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Missouri Dental Association and is dedicated to supporting the membership through quality insurance programs. Therefore, MDIS is one of many membership services available through the parent organization.

A Board of Directors is the decision making body of MDIS and are elected by the MDA Board of Trustees to serve for various length terms as set forth in the Bylaws. In addition to the elected Directors, several board members serve by virtue of their affiliation on the MDA Board of Trustees. Officers of the Board of Directors include the President, Vice President and Treasurer. The Board meets several times per year to gage the progress of the agency and direct its operations. An annual report is prepared and given to the parent organization at the Shareholders meeting.

Mission Statement

Helping the Missouri Dental Association succeed by providing dentists with insurance and other services.