Short Term

Short-Term/Temporary Health Plans

Short-term plans are available to individuals with coverage durations from one month to nearly three years. Short-term plans are underwritten and are not considered major medical coverage. Typically, pre-existing conditions, preventive and maternity are not covered on standard short-term medical plans.

United Healthcare recently launched a new short-term product called Tri-Term, in which preventive is covered after a 6-month wait, and pre-existing conditions are covered after a 12-month wait.

  • These plans use the United Healthcare Choice network.
  • Deductibles range from $1,000-$15,000.
  • Coverage can be extended indefinitely as long as the insured can pass medical underwriting at each application process when applying for a new term of coverage.

With short term plans, you can add ancillary products such as vision, dental, accident, hospital safeguard, critical illness, disability and term life.

There are two types of short-term plans: standard and Tri-Term plans. Premiums are lower on standard plans due to shorter terms of coverage (1-6 months) with less risk. Tri-Term plans can be a bit more expensive due to coverage terms of nearly three years. Underwriting will determine rates and if you qualify for coverage.

If you missed open enrollment or need coverage for a short time before you can join an employers group plan, these plans may fit your needs.


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