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MDIS offers individuals and their families a variety of individual health plan options, including EPO and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) plans, both on and off the exchange. MDIS works with several health insurance carriers to offer affordable solutions for your insurance needs. Plans offer a variety of options, such as deductibles, co-insurance and prescription drug coverage. Due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), major medical plans no longer put limitations on benefits due to medical underwriting.

In the video below, Christy gives you some notes on the individual health insurance market.

Open Enrollment

The ACA enacted limitations to when an individual can purchase major medical coverage. Open enrollment begins November 1 every year, for coverage effective January 1.

  • Unless you have a qualified event (Special Enrollment Periods), you will not be eligible to purchase coverage outside of open enrollment. *Short-term plans are available for purchase throughout the year.
  • Special enrollment periods allow individuals the option to purchase health insurance coverage outside open enrollment. Most qualified events trigger a 60-day window of opportunity to purchase a policy.
  • Most events will have an effective date of first day of the month following receipt of application by the carrier. It is crucial to apply as soon as an individual receives notification of the impending event. (Exception is birth or adoption of a child, which would be date of event.)

Exchange Plans & Subsidies

In 2021, the Biden Administration raised the income limits for subsidy eligible individuals enrolling through the marketplace, so more individuals qualify. The subsidies are on a sliding scale; the lower the income, the higher the subsidy. Silver plans have additional cost-sharing benefits with a reduction in out-of-pocket expenses. If an individual does not qualify for a subsidy through the exchange, there is no incentive to purchase a policy through the exchange and be limited on plans, carriers and networks. MDIS can help you with eligibility determination and enrolling through the exchange. If you have access to employer sponsored coverage that is deemed affordable and provides minimum value, you may not qualify for a subsidy through the exchange.

Off Exchange Plans

Off exchange plans for higher income wage earners have greater access to carriers and plans with broader networks. Plan designs in the exchange are sometimes much different than plans outside of the exchange.

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