Workers' Compensation

A Workers' Compensation policy covers the employer's statutory
obligations to their employees. This means the employee will receive
benefits as outlined in the individual state laws granting coverage for
medical expenses and lost wages. Every individual state has active
Workers' Compensation laws. In the state of Missouri, a Workers'
Compensation policy is based on the combined salary of an owner
and their employees. When figuring an Owner's annual salary, $43,800
is used for a Corporation and for a Sole Proprietor. For Example:  


Did you know that Missouri law also requires any employer
with 5 or more employees to carry Workers' Compensation?

Exempt employers that decide not to purchase workers'
compensation insurance or to self-insure remain exposed
to civil lawsuits brought by employees who are injured on the job.  

No Obligation Quote

If you would like a no obligation quote on Workers' Compensation, if
you are in KS - please download the KS Workers' Compensation
quote form
, please download the form, fill it out and fax to
573.634.5770. For more information regarding this coverage, 
email Lindsey Kutscher or call 800-944-7550.

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