Commercial Umbrella

Commercial umbrella coverage is designed to provide additional protection when extensive losses occur. It is typically written over other liability policies, such as a business owners policy, commercial general liability, workers compensation, etc. Commercial umbrella provides excess limits, when an underlying liability policy limit has been exhausted.

For more infomation regarding these coverages, contact Lindsey Kutscher or call 800-944-7550.

Personal Umbrella

There are times when your insurance needs extend beyond your
policy limits. An umbrella policy provides expanded liability protection
you may need as well as protects you against potentially catastrophic
financial burdens or losses, all for a minimal cost to you. Coverage is
available up to $5 million in liability protection above and beyond the
auto and homeowners policies.

We also have a personal umbrella policy that will allow you to have
your auto and your homeowners policies with different companies and
still be able to obtain the excess coverage that you need.

No Obligation Quote

If you would like a no obligation quote for a personal umbrella policy,
please download the form, fill it out and FAX to 573-634-5770 or
email Jerri Wildhaber.

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