Professional Alliance Investing

MDIS is thrilled to offer the Professional Alliance investments options with Morgan Stanley.

The alliance program allows you access to Morgan Stanley's Consulting Group, the wealth management's leading provider of fee-based wealth management solutions, at a permanently
reduced fee schedule.

MDIS has negotiated a 25% reduction from the standard
pricing model, and discounting can increase from this
based on the size of the relationship.

Morgan Stanley's Consulting Group was started in 1975

to give tailored wealth management to institutions,

Endowments and Foundations. We are now able to deliver

this to our personal wealth clients at a $50,000 minimum

portfolio size. The Consulting Group gives clients access

to the worlds best private money managers and assists with

manager review, portfolio construction and implementation,

investment monitoring, and tax management services.

If you have a portfolio full of actively managed investments,

now may be the right time for a review.

For more information, email MDIS or call 800-944-7550.

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