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Multiple Employer 401k Savings Plan


Sponsoring a retirement plan has now been made easy. Lessen your load. Join the MDIS Multiple Employer 401k Savings Plan to help reduce your responsibilities as a plan sponsor and allow you more time to concentrate on your business.

Advantages of Adopting a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)

The aggregation of assets and administration results in lower costs.

Lincoln, Stadion and Ibbotson/Morningstar offer indemnification and fiduciary guarantees to become co-fiduciary with MDIS (plan sponsor), thus transferring this risk from the dentist (adopting employer) to MDIS.

Virtually all administrative tasks and day-to-day plan operations can be shifted. Includes but not limited to: eligibility tracking, contribution remittance, distributions, annual testing, enrollment, etc. This allows a dentist (adopting employer) to spend his/her valuable time focusing on core business priorities.

Sophisticated plan design options allow a doctor the ability to create a retirement plan that is designed to meet unique business needs while the entire plan remains simple to administer. A win-win-win.

Professional money management alternative and a wide variety of investment opportunities monitored by Morningstar and Ibbotson.

For more information about a 401k savings plan, click here or email MDIS.