Business Owners (BOP)

A Business Owners’ policy is designed to protect your practice against losses resulting from physical damage. This type of policy can contain coverage to repair or replace your building and/or its contents. Our Business Owners’ policies offer a wide variety of optional upgrades. MDIS is able to tailor a package that fits your needs. Just take a look at our Automatic Coverages:

 Deductible  $500 (higher available) 
 General Liability  $1 Million / $2 Million
 Daily Business Income  $1,000 per day / Actual Loss Sustain
 Fire Legal Liability   $1 Million

*Higher limits available upon request

It is imperative that a practice owner has a business owners’ policy to protect them from losses caused by tornado, fire, leaking water line or even a patient falling in the office. All of these causes of loss can bring on costs which can be hard to recover from financially.

Any practice owner who has a loan on the business will be required by the lender to carry business owner’s coverage in order to adequately protect the practice in the event of a total loss. Typically, along with this requirement is the lender’s request to be named as a loss payee and/or mortgagee.

Often times, one will also be required to provide proof of insurance when equipment is financed or leased. Coverage can be included for new equipment by increasing the property limit accordingly and listing the company you are purchasing/leasing from as an additional insured and/or loss payee. 


For more information regarding this coverage, email or call 800-944-7550.

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