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Individual Professional Liability (Malpractice)

Professional Liability will protect and represent you if a malpractice claim is filed. When it comes to medical malpractice insurance, you've got two coverage choices – claims-made or occurrence. Occurrence or Claims-Made policies with limits from $1,000,000/$3,000,000 to $5,000,000/$7,000,000 are available. It can cover just you, or it can also cover your corporation. 


We have coverage specifically for oral surgeons with the OMS Preferred program that offers very reasonable prices with many options for limits of coverage. We can also set you up with coverage for botox and derma-fillers. 

Occurrence or Claims-made? Whats the difference?

Occurrence coverage protects an insured for losses that occur while the policy is in force, regardless of when a claim is filed, so long as the loss occurred during the policy term. 


Claims-made coverage protects an insured for losses
during the policy period for occurrences that happened
after the retroactive date and before the end of the policy
term. The policy (or extension contract) in force at the
time a claim is made against the insured is the policy
that protects the insured for the claim. Click for more

information on claims made vs occurrence.

Discounts Available 

New Graduates

New grads can get up to a 75% discount their first year out of dental school and discounts can be applied for moonlighting in a private practice during a residencyprogram.

Free First Year Medpro Malpractice for
New Graduates Becoming MDA Members

Dentists new to practice, that choose to become
MDA members, may be eligible to get their first year of dental malpractice insurance at no cost, courtesy of the Missouri Dental Association and MedPro. You must plan to practice in Missouri and meet all qualifications. Find out more information here.


Other Discounts 

Discounts can also be applied if you stay claim free, take a qualifying risk management course, work part time, have a leave of absence or military leave.

What to look for in a Malpractice company/agent:

Consent to Settle

If it is not pure consent, without exception, then you can be losing control of a suit brought against you.

Occurrence or claims made

Are you given the option of having either an occurrence or claims made policy, having the choice should be yours.

Financial Stability

Is the carrier financially sound and able to defend you when a claimcomes?


When you need a strong defense, do they use experts in malpractice defense, do they have a team of expert witnesses and what is their track record like in court and closing cases without going to court.

Risk Management
Is the carrier able to provide you with a risk manager (not a
claims manager) should you need help with handling a situation
before it becomes a bigger problem?


Specialized Service

Are you getting the expertise you deserve from your agent? 
Do they specifically work with dentists as MDIS does?

Risk Management Articles

No Obligation Quote

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