Dental, Vision, Hearing (DVH) Plan Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the DVH plan like a PPO?
  • Why should I sign up to be a preferred provider?
  • What would it mean if I sign up to be a preferred plus provider?
  • How do I ensure I will have this preferential listing in the provider directory?
  • Are there any costs associated with being a provider?
  • Will this network of providers be sold or rented out?
  • Any other reasons to be a preferred provider?
  • We’ve had issues with dental insurance companies in the past. Why would we want to take part in this program?
  • The policy schedule lists ‘per visit’ for procedures in the basic and major categories, some of which we commonly do multiples of in a single appointment. Does that mean it covers only one filling or extraction at a time?
  • Who will this plan be marketed to and in what parts of Missouri?
  • What does it cost patients for this plan?
  • How will we know what calendar year benefits are remaining?
  • What do the 60, 70 and 80% reimbursement levels mean?
  • How do preventative reimbursements work with this policy?

Still have questions not answered? Contact Dr. Nunemaker at dvh@mdis4dds.com.

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