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Group Health Plans

MDIS offers a variety of group health plans which are available to all full-time employees working 30 or more hours per week. Seasonal and temporary employees may be excluded. Employers contribute a portion of the employee's premium as a qualification. Participation must consist of two or more full time eligible employees to form the group. Employees may waive the group coverage if they have creditable coverage through their spouse or have an individual family plan that they wish to keep. The group will have to meet other participation requirements if uninsured employees wish to waive the group plan. 

*Open enrollment periods under the ACA do not affect group health insurance plans. Employers can establish a group plan or switch carriers anytime throughout the year. 

No Obligation Quote

For a no obligation group health quote, please complete and return this quick quote form. For more information regarding this coverage, email Christy Diehl or call 800-944-7550.