Data Breach

Data Breach coverage is typically broken out into two areas of
concern,1st and 3rd party coverage.

1st Party Coverage

Reimburses the business owner for breach notification cost and credit
monitoring expenses. If a data breach were to occur in your office you 

would be responsible for notifying all of your patients/clients of said breach. 

You might draft a letter, have an attorney review and mail it out to all of your

patients/clients. These are all things that take time and money. Within the 

letter you will likely offer a year worth of credit monitoring (for risk manage-

ment purposes). Worst case scenario every patient takes you up on that

offer, where the cost is around $200 per patient/client.


3rd Party Coverage

This is liability coverage for you, the business owner. Potentially a third
party could sue you if a breach were to occur. This portion of coverage provides defense cost and indemnity. The products offered through MDIS would also provide you with risk management assistance in the event you were faced with a breach.

Generally speaking premiums are calculated based on of your annual revenue and number of PII (personal identifiable information).

For more information regarding this coverage, email Lindsey Kutscher or call 800-944-7550.

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