COVID-19 Insurance & Employee Benefits Questions

The C​OVID-19 situation is a top priority of the carriers that MDIS works with. Following are the most common questions MDIS has answered, updated as frequently as possible. Contact MDIS with additional questions. 
  • Do I have any business interruption coverage available on my policy if I need to close my office voluntarily or by a government mandate?
  • If I become sick and need to close my office, will my Disability or Business Overhead Expense policy respond in any way?
  • Would my General Liability policy cover me if a patient alleges they contracted COVID-19 in my office?
  • Would my Workers’ Compensation provide any coverage if an employee alleges they contracted COVID-19 while at work?
  • If I continue to see patients will my Malpractice policy cover claims involving COVID-19?
  • Do you have a sample form to help inform patients of the risks associated with receiving necessary emergent treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • If I lay off my employees for a short time due to COVID-19, do I need to offer COBRA?
  • If a dental office lays off all employees and offers COBRA, can the group health plan stay active with no working/active employees on the plan?
  • If I lay off a covered employee and re-hire them in the future, when can they become eligible to rejoin the group health insurance plan or other group coverage?
  • Are your carriers providing any information and resources?
  • Are there resources for those on Medicare?
  • What does the CARES Act state that my health insurance plan must cover?